If you don't already know us, Peter and Rachel Dell, we are Internet Missionaries. We are obviously not the only ones doing missions work through the internet, but it describes what we do. We are Missionary Associates with the Assemblies of God. We feel called to minister to those who have not accepted Christ as their savior, and to reach them with one of the most powerful communication tools available today.

child-laptopThe internet community is the fastest growing people group on the planet today. Internet Statistics show that nearly 70% of Americans are online while only 12% of the rest of the world are online. However, the growth in online users around the world is staggering. Areas like China the Middle East and Africa have growth rates over 400%. Even more astonishing are countries like Pakistan with 5,500% growth or Uzbekistan with nearly 12,000% growth in the past 5 years!

There are now over 1 Billion internet users world wide. As internet access spreads into closed countries, the gospel is making its way into their internet cafes and computers. Peter works with an online resource ministry, Network 211, to provide ministries with the tools to effectively minister online. To find out more about these tools, visit our page on making your website better.

weddingNow that you know a little more about what we do, I'd like to share a little about who we are. Peter and Rachel were married on May 1, 2004. Then only a few short weeks after returning from our honeymoon in Hawaii, we departed for a six week missions practicum in Cuenca, Ecuador. Our time there taught us many important factors about missions life and following God’s direction. One of the most important lessons we learned was to watch what you eat.

Food poisoning mixed with an eight hour bus ride on back roads through the mountains at night, make for an unforgettable experience.

Great WallWhen we returned to the states Rachel began working at Life Publishers, distributor of the Life in the Spirit Study Bible also known as the Fire Bible. We were blessed with the opportunity to visit China with Life Publishers the first week of September 2004. What a wonderful experience! It was such a blessing to see what God is doing in China, and to see the beautiful temples, people, and of course the Great Wall.

monkeysFall of 2004, Peter finished his Master’s of Arts in Inter-Cultural Ministries from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. Shortly after finishing classes, God directed him into ministry work with Network 211. Network 211 is an Internet resource ministry affiliated with the Assemblies of God World Missions. Network211 provides online resources to enhance other ministry websites through providing relevant content and offering other services to utilize tools now available on the internet. This is an exciting new ministry that harnesses the potential of the internet to spread the Gospel to those who might not hear the message any other way. Network211 uses 21st Century technology to spread the 1st Century Gospel. Peter is the Director of Online Media and Advertising and has the opportunity to work directly with ministries using Network 211 resources. He also develops ways to help ministries incorporate new and more effective ways of delivering their message on the internet.

Rachel began teaching 3rd grade at a local Christian School Fall of 2005. What a blessing for her to be able to touch the lives of so many children and families. Rachel continued to teach until our doctor recommended she stop working while she was pregnant.

Dell FamilySpring of 2010 we were blessed with a healthy baby boy, Ezekiel "Zeke" Daniel Dell. Rachel is working from home to be available to care for Zeke. This presents a challenge that God is meeting day by day. Please pray for us as we explore what God has planned for our family.

What a blessing it is to be official Missionary Associates with the Assemblies of God. Additionally, in September 2006, Peter became a licensed Minister with the Assemblies of God. These are exciting times for us. God is directing us into many exciting and new areas. As always we need your prayers and encouragement to continue following God’s call on our lives. We also face the ominous task of raising a monthly budget. Please prayerfully consider a financial commitment to help us with our budget. We are blessed to know that your financial and prayer support means we can continue to minister to millions of people around the world.