Family News

The Dell family has increased our number once more. Hezekiah, Kye for short, was born September 4th. Peter, Rachel and Zeke really enjoy Kye and love watching him change from day to day. Zeke really wants to play with his little brother, but knows he has to wait until Kye is bigger. Rachel continues to stay home and care for the boys, while Peter helps Network211 strive to reach more people with the message of Christ's hope online.

Evangelism Respoonse


Ministry News

At Network211, we are sharing the gospel through the Internet with hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world who are searching for answers to questions in life. We now present the gospel online in 10 different languages: English, Easy English, Indonesian, Spanish, Farsi, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Arabic, Filipino and American Sign Language. The results of these sites are truly astounding.